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We have been trained by our brokers and endless reality TV shows that when it comes to buying a new home, it all boils down to Location, Location, Location. But is it truly so?
I have been talking to a whole range of prospective homeowners over the last couple of weeks and as it happens, the results I have been gathering just doesn’t match what is being advertised. If I had to classify the entire population by their age and preferences then this is what it all comes down to:

1. Less than 32 years of age: Tech savvy. This is the group that has the most technology driven checklist when it comes down to buying a new place. Here’s a list of things that feature prominently on their checklist:
a. How is the mobile reception in this place?
b. Which Internet providers operate in this neighborhood?
c. What is the speed of the internet service?
d. How is the nightlife in the neighborhood?
e. How far is it from my favorite hangout place?
f. How far is this place from my friends place?

2. Between the ages of 33 and 47: Family oriented. This is the group that is now settling down and thinks collectively for the family. So, it’s not surprising that their checklist is driven by items which impact overall quality of life. Here’s a list of things that feature prominently on their checklist:
a. Is there any HOA / Society charges? If yes, how much?
b. How is the club in the neighborhood? Is there any swimming pool?
c. How are the schools in the area? Is the place on school bus route?
d. Are maids easily available?
e. Is the society safe? Does it have its own security?
f. Are there any shopping centers, restaurants and movie halls nearby?

3. 48 years of age and over: Appreciating life. As people mature, their requirements and expectations drastically change. They are looking for easy accessibility and amenities that make life wholesome. Here’s a list of things that feature prominently on their checklist:
a. Is the society safe?
b. How’s the crime rate in the area?
c. Are there any hospitals nearby?
d. If still working then, how far is the office?
e. How are the people living in the neighborhood? Can I make friends here?
f. Are there shops and restaurants nearby?
Who knew, a person’s checklist can tell us so much about who you are. So next time you are house hunting for a rental property or buying your dream home, think what does your checklist tell about you. Do you identify yourself with any of these checklists? Let us know what features prominently on your list and whenever you are ready to start search for your perfect rental home then don’t forget to reach out to your friend

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